Are you considering investing in an inflatable boat? Click to find answers to some frequently asked questions about inflatable boats from Majix Marine, a leading provider of rigid, soft hull, and cat racing inflatable boats.

Price, portability, and easy storage, these are the three primary reasons for buying an inflatable boat for most customers.

While conventional boats are a lot tougher than inflatable boats, inflatable boats, too, are very durable and can last for a long time. The durability varies from model to model depending on the construction material and various other factors.

Yes, inflatable boats can be used for a variety of recreational purposes, from fishing and water-skiing to cruising and scuba diving. As a matter of fact, many individuals prefer inflatable boats over rigid boats because of their portability and light weight.

From the number of passengers to the recreational purpose for which you want to buy, there are a number of factors one must consider to select an inflatable boat that is of the right size.

If you are interested in buying an inflatable boat, our experts can help you select the right size and model. To learn more, you may contact us at 055-4050054

While there are a number of companies offering inflatable boats at attractive prices, you may want to work with Majix Marine because:

  • We do not use cheap-quality PVC in the construction of our inflatable boats. Instead, we use premium-grade materials that offer you lasting performance, high durability, and impressive load varying capacity.
  • We offer you value for your hard-earned money not only by offering you best-quality products at competitive rates, but also by providing you honest, expert advice on the selection of an inflatable boat for your precise needs.
  • We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with exemplary service and support. As a result, a large proportion of our client base comprises of repeat customers or customers who were referred to us by their friends, family members, or colleagues.

At Majix Marine, we offer different models of the following five types of inflatable boats:

  • Rigid inflatable boats
  • Soft hull boats
  • Cat racing boats
  • Military service boats
  • Civil service boats

Yes, all inflatable boats offered by Majix Marine come with a warranty; however, the duration and coverage of warranty varies depending on the model of the boat.

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