We offer a wide range of Marine Civil Works such as:

Breakwaters, Revetments and Groynes

Construction of rubble mound rock breakwaters, revetments and groynes with random or ordered rock placement as per your requirements.

Quay Walls

Construction of precast concrete block quay walls as well as earth reinforced quay walls designed by us utilising innovative techniques whereby geo-fabric materials are used to anchor relatively small precast concrete blocks, thus providing a cost effective solution ideal for marina quay walls with light traffic such as fishing harbours.

Slipways (Boat Ramps)

Design and construction of slipways (boat ramps) ensuring the safe and comfortable launching and hauling of boats.

Sheet and Tubular Piling Works

Installation of tubular piles and sheet piles in onshore and offshore areas with and without pre-drilling for marina installations, erection of boardwalks and chalets above the sea.

Geotube Installation

We have extensive experience in the use and installation of geotubes. Typical applications of geotubes in the coastal zone include:

  • temporary bunding or isolation of a coastal area in order to dewater and execute the works in the dry;
  • replacement of part of the core material of a rubble mound structure (e.g. breakwater) by geotubes as a cost effective alternative;
  • protection of underwater pipelines;
  • underwater sills and ancillary structures for beach stabilisation.

Offshore Pipeline Installations

Supply and installation of onshore/offshore underwater pipelines and intake manifolds and outfall structures for power plants, desalination plants, irrigation and stormwater networks, etc. We have been approved by the Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA) of the United Arab Emirates as a marine contractor specialising in the offshore installation of pipelines.

Underwater Works

Installation of elastic and chain anchoring systems using helical anchors or concrete blocks. Typical applications of anchoring systems include anchoring of pontoons and marinas, anchoring of Aids to Navigation (AtoNs), boat moorings, etc.We have a strong force of divers and hence can undertake a variety of underwater marine civil works and inspections.


We undertake the excavation, backfilling, profiling, trimming and compaction of coastal areas in preparation for construction of marine civil works.

Maintenance/Small Scale Dredging Works

Ancillary to marinas is the need of dredging work.  We have undertaken the dredging works in a number of  projects including the dredging of the Ras Al Khaimah marina basin, where a new 400 berth marina was constructed entirely by us. We undertake the small scale and maintenance dredging works using suitable vessels. In 2011, we dredged more than 500,000 m3 of sand from various ports around the United Arab Emirates.